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What to do if Trump Wins

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Emotions are high.  People are on edge.  The air is bad, the water is short, and the economy is subsequently inches from a precipice that not too long ago made us ask for something atypical, something beyond the pale, someone antithetical to the philosophical constitution upon which this country was founded.  We asked for a black president. 

Fast forward 12 years, and once again we find ourselves in dire straits but this time the country is pushing back with an illiberal hand.  A white, masculine, heterosexual hand saying, “No, this is not the progressive fantasy of Abraham Lincoln.”  “We are finally getting our country back to the anti-Muslim, anti-Latino, anti-black Hegemonies that we are accustomed to and if it takes making the 45th president a permanent staple in our democracy, we will use every mountain man, Qanon member, and para-military white soldier to do it.

Sorry, forgive the Orwellian dystopian description but in all actuality that is in fact what we are facing.  The only question is what do we do if it continues after November 3rd?

Well for many, their answer is, “We pack it up and get the hell out of here”.  But how?  And where?

Be of calm mind, your friends at SMART got you covered.  Below are some great resources that can aid you if you choose to partake in the exodus.  I’ll bring the s’mores.  

  1. Renouncing Citizenship

Many have grown fed up with the idea of the “American Dream”.  Here’s where to go if you completely would like to sever ties (and by the way there is an exit tax )

Renouncing U.S. citizenship: what is the process? - 1040 Abroad

     2 .Where to go?

10 Easiest Countries for Americans to Move to | WiFi Tribe

10:2610 African Countries where BLACK Americans, can RELOCATE to ...YouTube · African InsiderMay 21, 2020

     3.Learning the Language

Ad· 5 Apps To Learn Languages | We Tried Them All. See our #1


4. Making friends in other countries in 40 days 

Ad· Country Dating | Lead International Dating Site

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